Theatrical REntals


Little Shop of horrors

Swazzle provides a full set of Audrey II rental puppets for Little Shop of Horrors.

Rental Puppets:

  • Audrey II #1 (hand puppet with wilting leaves)

  • Audrey II #2 (large hand puppet with attached jacket and fake hand)

  • Audrey II #3 (large costume/puppet that eats body parts, with large flower pot)

  • Audrey II #4 (approximately 7-foot-tall, freestanding puppet that eats people; includes a base and support poles)

  • Two wings with four flowers designed for the actors to put their heads through

  • Several tiny Audrey II props for the finale

The Audrey II puppets travel as two units. The soft goods are packed in an industrial road case that measures 61 inches long x 61 inches wide x 37 inches tall. The base for Audrey II #4 is mounted to a shipping pallet and measures 48 inches long, 32 inches wide and 32 inches tall.


avenue q

Swazzle offers a full set of 24 rental puppets for productions of Avenue Q and Avenue Q: School Edition. Several puppets are duplicates of the principal characters in different costumes. Swazzle's puppets are inspired by designs created by Rick Lyon for the original Broadway production of Avenue Q.

Swazzle's Avenue Q puppets travel in two industrial road cases that each measure 48 inches long x 24 inches wide x 24 inches tall.

Standard Rental Puppets:

  • Princeton: graduation outfit/naked, sweater vest, robe, wedding

  • Kate Monster: conservative outfit, wedding, naked

  • Nicky: hoodie, pajamas, wedding

  • Rod: suit, pajamas, wedding

  • Trekkie Monster: one, two

  • Lucy: performance, normal, robe, conservative

  • Bad Idea Bear: blue, yellow

  • Mrs. Thistle/Butz

  • Ricky

  • Newcomer


shrek the musical

Swazzle's set of Shrek the Musical rental puppets includes a 15-foot-long dragon rod puppet and a 2-foot-tall Gingy the Gingerbread Man hand puppet.

The dragon is performed by five puppeteers and features light-up eyes. Gingy is performed by one puppeteer and has removable legs.

These puppets can be rented as a set or individually.

The puppets travel together in one industrial road case that measures 56 inches long x 56 inches wide x 31 inches tall.

Rental Puppets:

  • Dragon puppet

  • Gingy puppet

We understand that theaters and schools have limited budgets for their theatrical productions, so our puppets are very competitively priced. Shipping is available at an additional charge. We can ship the puppets internationally. Local pick-up is available for venues in Southern California.

Handmade in the USA