Theatrical  productions

Prince and Aviator in the desert at night.jpg

The little prince

The Little Prince is an enchanting theatrical production for all ages. Based on the best-selling book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the show features handcrafted puppets, professional actors and innovative projection techniques that bring the beloved story to life. In this unique take on the classic tale, audience members are invited to experience the wonderment of childhood as The Little Prince transports them to exotic worlds. They meet whimsical characters like a bombastic king, a talking rose and a cheerful fox who is eager to be tamed. Through the eyes of the Little Prince, audiences experience love, loss and laughter as they learn that what is essential to life is invisible to the eye.

Dream Carver art Brad Simon.jpg

Dream carver

Dream Carver is bilingual family musical based on the children’s book of the same name written by Diana Cohn and illustrated by Amy Cordova. It tells the the story of Mateo, a young boy in Oaxaca, Mexico whose father has taught him to carve small wooden toys in the traditional way. One night, Mateo dreams of fantastic, brightly colored animals that dance and sing, led by a charismatic quetzal. When he wakes up, he is impelled to break tradition and carve his dream animals into life.

Dream Carver is not available for bookings at this time.