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Ricky Raccoon & 
the Green Rangers

The brave and clever environmental superhero Ricky Raccoon is on a quest to help Conrad, an endangered California condor who has fallen ill after an encounter with the villainous Ledlow Copperbottom. On his adventure, Ricky Raccoon encounters friendly animals like Cody the Common Carp and Katy Coyote.

Audience members — a.k.a., the Green Rangers — will laugh and learn as this interactive puppet show  demonstrates ways they can help the environment.

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Monster Menagerie

A mad scientist is all alone on Halloween, so she devises a plan to "build a bestie" to go trick-or-treating with her. She sets out on a journey to find the body parts she needs, including eyes, ears and a tail! Along the way, the mad scientist meets a jack-o'-lantern, a mummy and a witch who all help in her quest.

Once the parts have been collected, the mad scientist’s assistant encourages audience members to hoot, growl and howl as they vote for their favorite parts and pieces to be combined to create a new monster friend.

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Holiday Extravaganza

Reggie is a self-centered reindeer who thinks the holidays are just about getting presents. His world is turned upside down when a magical sugar-plum fairy-in-training sends him on a quest for The Best Gift in the Entire World. Along the way, Reggie meets a cavalcade of whimsical winter characters: an aquaphobic penguin, an indecisive elf, a gingerbread man who wants to make healthy food choices, and the misunderstood PepperMonster.

In the end, Reggie learns that the best gift in the entire world is an act of kindness toward someone in need.

35 minutes • interactive • original Stories • Handcrafted Puppets • behind-the-scenes demo

Thank you so much for the fantastic performance; the kids and their parents had a wonderful time! Rachel was amazing! It was so fun to hear the kids laughing and singing. They were so engaged!
— Shanon Delaney, Librarian, Tustin Library


Handmade in the USA